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March 27, 2017
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Featured Tenant: Personal Best Personal Training

We’re getting to know Mary Lannin of Personal Best Personal Training.  You may see Mary running with clients through the marina parking lot every now and then, and if you’ve been in the exercise room, chances are you’ve seen her ‘at work’ there with clients as well.

We should also point out that Mary offers fellow CenterPointe tenants a free start up consultation and $100 off for 10 sessions!

How did you get started as a personal trainer? How long has Personal Best Personal Training been in business?

I started personal training in 2009 through the International Sports Science Association(ISSA). I started training clients at Premier Gym, in-home, and my private studio in Traverse City. • How long have you been a tenant at CenterPointe? I always knew I wanted a private space for my clients and I to workout and build their fitness and nutrition plan. I was so lucky to find an office at the Centerpointe building that had a full gym right on West Bay. The view is amazing. My office also overlooks the bay. I have opportunities at other gyms but nothing comes close to CP.

Anything you’d point out about the CP exercise room?

Centerpointe offers private showers, cardio equipment, it’s right off the tart trail.

Do you have clients who are also CP tenants? Are there any special offerings for fellow CP tenants?

Yes.  I offer all CP tenants a free start up consultation and $100 off for 10 sessions.

Do you have any particular philosophies when it comes to training and exercise?

I customize each of my clients fitness and nutrition plans to their unique needs to help them reach their goals and maintain them. I love incorporating both fitness and nutrition. Results keep motivation high! I focus on building habits that are essential for life long success. I keep in touch with clients that I’ve worked with from the start of opening my business. I love to see that they are keeping up with their fitness through the proper nutrition and exercise habits they developed from the start of their journey with me. There is best way to start for success that will stick long term and that is what I teach my clients = proper strength training techniques and nutritional habits and practices that builds a firing metabolism that accelerates the fat burning properties that an efficient metabolism should and can do for each of us!!

People often claim being too busy to exercise regularly, how do you address that excuse?

I admire the amazing people that I get to work with that are ready for a change. They are ready to feel better in their daily lives through a healthy body. Most of my clients have children, full time stressful jobs, and busy lives. Making the time for exercise and health is very deep personal choice. Those that do it consistently have learned and experienced how much better they feel at their jobs, parenting, and regular daily life. I strive to help individuals realize the simplicity of adding exercise and nutrition into daily life through forming habits that make it easy. Exercise can be as easy as starting a daily morning 10 minute walk. Being active and fitting in exercise can be easier then you think and the way it improves your mood, body, outlook, perspective on life is incomparable. Once you develop healthy habits into your life your quality of life improves in a way that transcends into all areas of your life!

What are the top reasons clients seek you out for personal training?

The clients that I have had the opportunity to train with over the years have been in a place where they are ready to make a change in their lives. Health and fitness is the answer. Learning the right habits and how to incorporate them into your daily life with ease from the start is the answer and the service I strive to provide! I train a wide variety of clients all ages with different goals.

I worked with a man who had recently retired and wanted to hike the pacific crest trail, and he did it!

I worked with a lady in her 50’s who wanted to lose 100# and in exactly a year she did. She moved 3 years ago and I called her recently to check on her and she has kept it off and keeping up good habits, is married, and loving life!

One of my clients lost 40# is 75 years old and runs 10ks, holds 5 minutes planks 2x/week with me, and loves sharing her health journey.

One of my clients, Kristin, started with me to lose weight. 4 years ago when we started she said she hated running and would never start. Currently she heads the Traverse City track club and is one of the healthiest and beautiful women!

I have a client now who is a nurse in her early 30’s that is 2 months into her fitness and nutrition plan with me and the results are so exciting already. She is loving the program and following it.

My goal working with clients is teaching, reevaluating what is working best, and setting a clear plan that is specific and unique to the client, which makes the process fit into their lifestyle with the ease and makes reaching the goal attainable and exciting. I love my clients and love sharing how much happier and brighter my life is having a healthy body and lifestyle. I strive to set an example.

Are there any misconceptions about personal training?

The best way to get started and find your best fit when you are ready to add more health into your lifestyle is finding an individual that inspires, is knowledgeable, and has a good referral base. Starting out with the right plan is what will get your the results that motivate for long term success. My clients that are relatable are probably the most inspiring. People that have busy lives that have made positive, lasting changes are the ones that their friends call me and say if they can do it maybe I can to.

Please include anything else you’d like included:

I am so blessed to have found such a beautiful location here in Traverse City to run my business. I live close enough to ride my bike to work right off the tart trail.

Mary Lannin

Personal Best Personal Training



  1. Mary Lannin says:

    Thank you Rod for featuring me in the Centerpointe blog!

  2. Emily majerczyk says:

    Mary Lannin is the best, 2nd to none!

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